Saturday, March 7, 2009

New Tubes and Inflatables!

Kick off the summer right with Boatersland Marine's water sport fun! A variety of water skies and wake boards, water toys, inflatables and much more!

New products are available to you now from SportsStuff. Some of the new fun inflatables include the Bat X Ray, Lulu Spinster, and much more to give you the best experience of tubing. Now available, as well, is the SportsStuff 12' Playstation, for higher bouncing and a higher level of fun on the water!

Boatersland also features the new Sea Eagle Long Board 11! It's a great new stand up/sit down long board designed for either an excellent work out or just a great time to relax and see the view!

SAVE! Up to 10% off of SportsStuff towables and accessories for the month of March only at Boatersland Marine!

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