Monday, March 30, 2009

New Garmin Nuvi's!

Boatersland Marine recently added two new Garmin Nüvi’s.

Try the new ultra-thin and affordable nüvi 1350T. This 4.3” GPS features lane assist, widescreen, FM lifetime traffic, preloaded street maps for North America, speaks street names, optional MSN Direct, optional FM lifetime traffic, Where am I?, photo navigation, ecoRoute and much much more!

Boatersland Marine also features our first nüvi designed specifically for the over-the-road trucking industry. The nüvi 465T is the first navigation device to provide locations in the National Truck and Trailer Services (NTTS) Breakdown Directory to its trucking-relevant points of interest. The NTTS Breakdown Directory is the most comprehensive guide to semi-truck repair facilities nationwide – including those offering 24-hour road services.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

New Aqua Lantern Solar Lighted Buoys!

Boatersland Marine offers all the new Aqua Lanterns!

The Aqua Lantern Solar Lighted Buoy is a highly visible, 20” marker buoy by day that illuminates at night. Available in 5 different colors: the Aqua Lantern Solar Lighted Buoy uses a watertight solar generator during daylight hours to charge 4, 1.2V rechargeable batteries that power 5 super bright LED’s (Light Emitting Diodes).

Now available in 5 different colors: Orange, Green, Red, White, Yellow

Also available are Aqua Lantern Mooring Buoys. The Aqua Lantern promotes safe boating at night and reduces the chance of damage to personal property. Protect your floating swim platform, floating trampoline, pier, dock, PWC and swim areas.

And don't forget about Aqua Lantern Accessories!

New Fulton Trailering!

Need a winch? Does the application require pulling or lifting?

Find what you need in Boatersland Marine's new selection of Fulton Trailer Winches and Fulton Trailering & Accessories. Choose from a Fulton 1800 winch with strap single speed or the Fulton 2000 F2 winch with strap double speed and much more!

The introduction of the F2 Winch addresses the need for attractive design in every element of a marine trailer. This winch will complement the look of even high end boat and trailer combinations. It's clean, high-tech look is sleek and powerful.

Also choose from the many Fulton accessories:

Friday, March 20, 2009

Icom Sale!

Boatersland Marine now has 7% off select Icom VHF marine radios.
SAVE! On Icom Handhelds:

SAVE! On Icom Fixed Mount Radios:

Friday, March 13, 2009

New Si-Tex Addition!

Boatersland Marine now has the Sitex MDS Radar Sensor Series! This series features 3 Radomes and 2 Open Arrays.

The MDS Radar Sensors are available in various models,choose from the:

  • MDS-1 —2kW, 12.4" Radome, ranges from 1/8 to 24NM,a 7° Horizontal Beam Width.
  • MDS-8 —2kW, 20" Radome, ranges from 1/8 to 24NM, a 4.7°Horizontal Beam Width.
  • MDS-9 —4kW, 23.5" Radome, ranges from 1/8 to 36NM, a 4° Horizontal Beam Width.
  • MDS-10-4 —4kW, 4' Open Array, ranges from 1/8 to 48NM,a 2.4° Horizontal Beam Width.
  • MDS-10-5 —4kW, 5' Open Array, ranges from 1/8 to 48NM,1.7° Horizontal Beam Width.
The new SI-TEX MDS Radar Sensor Series connect to your SI-TEX ColorMax Wide, ColorMax Sea Link, ColorMax Pro, ColorMax 15, Explorer Plus, or Trawl Plot 12SD Charting Systems to add affordable full-featured Radar capabilities. Also works with Standard Horizon Charting Systems -- models CP180, CP180i, CP300, CP300i, CPV350, CP500 and CPV550.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Raymarine Pre-Season Sale!

Save up to 10% on select Raymarine products! Boatersland Marine has Raymarine products ranging from radar antennas to chartplotters, giving you the best quality for less.

Also recently added are Raymarine RD418D 4KW 18" Digital Radome, a compact, digital 18” high performance radar scanner with 4kW transmitter and 48 nm maximum range, and Raymarine 11S 72 in. 10kW Open Array Radar Scanner. a 6' High Performance Pathfinder 10KW Open Array Antenna.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

New Nuvi Additions!

Boatersland Marine is excited to announce our addition of the new Garmin Nuvis. These new ultra-thin, affordable nuvis feature FM lifetime traffic, ecoRoute, Bluetooth wireless, and much more! Some of these new nuvis are:

Also added were the new nuvi 855 and nuvi 885T featuring Voice-activated navigation with lane assist.

Stay connected and ahead of the curve with the new nuvis available at

Saturday, March 7, 2009

New Tubes and Inflatables!

Kick off the summer right with Boatersland Marine's water sport fun! A variety of water skies and wake boards, water toys, inflatables and much more!

New products are available to you now from SportsStuff. Some of the new fun inflatables include the Bat X Ray, Lulu Spinster, and much more to give you the best experience of tubing. Now available, as well, is the SportsStuff 12' Playstation, for higher bouncing and a higher level of fun on the water!

Boatersland also features the new Sea Eagle Long Board 11! It's a great new stand up/sit down long board designed for either an excellent work out or just a great time to relax and see the view!

SAVE! Up to 10% off of SportsStuff towables and accessories for the month of March only at Boatersland Marine!

New WhiteCap Hardware!

Boatersland Marine is pleased to announce the addition of WhiteCap products to our line up. A variety of boat cleats, hinges, shackles, and much more WhiteCap hardware is now available.

WhiteCap, founded in 1972, is active as an importer, manufacturer, exporter and distributor-mainly dealing in hardware and plumbing products providing for our customers high quality boating hardware.