Thursday, March 25, 2010

New SJK Products Shopping Site!!

Now shop at a new SJK Products site for all discount aquarium and pond supply needs at SJK Aquatics!

Find everything for your aquarium including hoods, stands, and more!
Start your very own pond using SJK Aquatics pond kits / liners, or simply decorate your own!

Find decorations and lighting for both ponds and aquariums!

Want to know more information about your fish? SJK Aquatics can supply you with all sorts of aquatic books from freshwater fish to setup and care for your aquarium!


  1. The service was horrible. The product is listed as a 32 oz bottle but the bottle I recieved was only a 16 oz bottle. I contacted the seller SJK and explained to them that iI ordered this product because it was listed as a 32 oz bottle and that a 16 oz bottle would not complete my boat. I also told them that I ordered from them because it seemed to be cheaper than ordering directly from the Woody Wax website and if the item was properly listed I would not have ordered it. The only solution they had for THEIR mistake was that I could return the bottle, and pay an additional $4 for a single 32 oz bottle, but if I wanted them to send me an additional 16 oz bottle so I could do my boat this weekend I would have to pay $25, without shipping. They did not care that it was their fault for listing the item inproperly. Anywhere else if the item is listed for a certain amount they would honor the price that the item was listed for, and actually give you what the item was listed as. Also, the item still has not been changed on Amazon to show what you are actually going to recieve. I WILL NEVER ODE FROM THEM AGAIN!

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